In this world of Millennials and the generation X retailers are expected to provide a 360° consumer experience across multiple online and offline platforms. The retail market is no longer confined to just selling a product anymore. Consumers today expect the retailers to think beyond the established dimensions of the physical and digital space and provide them with a holistic shopping experience.

In an effort to please the customers with the Omni-experience shoppers are now allowing consumers to own their data and experiences in order to create a guideline for the future.

The retail transformation has brands and retailers create unique engagement techniques to deliver an omniscient customer experience. Imagine a scenario where a customer walks into a store but is not able find the right size for their favourite dress or their favourite pair of shoes, the customer would probably just walk out of the store. Fashion high street brand Oasis offers its’ customers “Seek and Send” service delivery of products from their physical store if the same is not available online, offering a unified shopping experience across all channels, and retaining an almost lost sale.

Retailers are investing massively in processes and technology to come close to the expectations of the consumers. Many retailers are now offering their consumers with continued service experience across offline and online platforms. Consumers can select a product in the store, place an online order for the same and get it delivered to their homes.

Retailers are also creating in-store consumer experiences to get customers to try their products in store before buying them. Consumers are given the freedom to experience the product like never before and know exactly how a particular product will look on them.

Retailers are also taking an extra initiative to make the shopping experience more personalised and tailor-made for each and every customer. Technology devices like Bluetooth Beacons allow the retailers to access a particular customer’s preference history and suggest products that are relevant to them. Some retailers also offer incentives to customers to encourage them to revisit the store. Macy’s was one such major brand to deploy approximately 4000 Bluetooth devices across its 850 stores in 2014. These beacons welcome customers entering the store with promotional texts,  discounts and recommendations across segments in the store.

While most of the retailers are endearing to provide a greater shopping experience to their customers with Omni-channel, they still need to up their game to create a unique and enhanced experience for their customers. It’s crucial for retailers to ensure a streamlined shopping experience that transcends across physical and digital retail, instead of merely investing in Omni-channels.



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